Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Kroenke, Wenger and Arsenal

This week, one of the hottest topic for Arsenal fans is the takeover of Arsenal by Stan Kroenke who is an American business entrepreneur. I personally don't know this guy and this guy also personally don't know who I am... Hahaha. But, I don't care and I don't know why I am really interested to write something about this because I love to watch Arsenal play since I was in secondary school. When D.Seaman, Keown, Adam, Parlour, Henry, Viera, Petit and Overmars were in the team.   

Stan Kroenke

Kroenke was on the Board of Arsenal since 2008 is now holding 63% shares of Arsenal. He is intended to buy remaining 27% from billionaire Alisher Usmanov that will put him controlling the team 100%. With this, I believe Stan Kroenke is the right person to bring Arsenal to the new successful era. With the support by Peter Hill-Wood, the Arsenal's chairman and the comfort level of rlong term elationship with the manager, Arsene Wenger, I hope the takeover will not affecting the performance of Arsenal in the next season.

Arsene Wenger

Every time the takeover process is taken place, we will see the dramatic changes as a part of it. Some of the players will be selling off, some of the new faces will be brought into the club and the worst, the appointment of the new manager. In Arsenal case, I really hope, Wenger will remain as the manager of Arsenal even though the club has not been winning any trophy since 2005. He has good track records, his tactical formation is superb and the most important is his style of the game. In my opinion, we don't need to change the rider to win the race. It is the horse that maybe to old or inexperience.

Diaby and Denilson

I wish in next season, Arsenal will increase their spending in bringing new stars to strengthen the team. Players like Diaby, Bendner and Denilson should not be in the team anymore. Most of the young players of Arsenal need support from experience players. Wenger should think to bring in players like Sneijder(CM), Given(GK) and Cahill (CB) or others. Then we will see some improvement in the next season. This year, Arsenal must spend some money in order to remain competitive in the league. If not, we will see the same result... Good and great team with no trophy... Just my thought...

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